HD Anywhere

HD Anywhere is a UK Manufacturer of HDMI distribution equipment. The devices they make allow for 4K Ultra HD video and uncompressed audio from any of your HDMI devices to a TV screen in another room. This is done using Cat6/6A Ethernet cabling to transmit the HDBaseT signal up to 100m.

This allows us to connect up to 8x 4K Ultra HDTV’s to up to 8 source devices such as Sky Q boxes, Ultra HD Blu-Ray Players, etc, all with infra-red control of these devices.

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MHUB 4K is a centralised HDMI Distribution system for sharing Ultra HD HDMI sources to remote TV locations, three via Cat6/6a network cable up to 40 metres for UHD, or 70m for 1080p and one local screen via a HDMI cable.

Uncompressed HDMI signals are distributed using HDBaseT transmission technology. This will provide Ultra HD Blu-ray playback resolutions (4K/60 4:2:0 HDR at 24FPS) as well as supporting all audio formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X


The MHUB 4K PRO is the ultimate HDMI distribution solution for delivering stunning UHD/HDR 4K content, Fast Ethernet connectivity and universal control, everywhere - all from a one cat6/6a cable.

Up to 8 4K HDMI sources can be shared to up to 70 metres in length for UHD resolutions, to up to 8 TV Screens. It does this using advanced HDBaseT long-range signal technology, which doesn’t introduce any degradation in audio/video quality when using cat6/6a network cabling.


uControl is the new IR remote app from HD Anywhere and come with all MHUB 4K PRO systems. Offering a beautifully simple option for AV system control in every room using your smartphone or tablet.

You can control your TV's and projectors with uControl. Control goes both ways, backwards towards all your source devices connected to MHUB and forwards towards your TV's.

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HDMI Extenders

HD Anywhere HDMI Extenders allow us to connect 1 HDMI device such as a Sky Q or Virgin Media box and connect it to another TV up to 100m away over a single Cat6/6A Ethernet cable.

This is a great solution where you have 1 box in the main lounge and you want to view it in Full HD/4K Ultra HD and control it from the master bedroom. Contact us today to see how we can help save you money on your multi room subscription!